Sunday, January 9, 2011

† Project: Balljointed doll 47- 50 cm, [PART 1: Head] †

I will have to take this from the top.

First of all, when I started this project I had never seen a real BJD. Ever. On the Genki Convention in Denmark 2010, was the first time I came in contact with a doll, and one day later I began making my own (ok, I had planned him for about half a year so I knew what kind of thing I was getting myself into.)

I have been publishing pictures and updates ever since on a site called The Joint and on, you can find me under the username: materiae. Now, I will give you all a recap.

First: The Head.

The pictures lie a bit, he is awfully cute in real life. I would marry him if not for the fact that he is 100 % plastic.
He is completely made of polymer clay, which is quite odd as most dolls are made of paper clay. Paper clay tend to give me sore hands so I prefer plastic even though that has its downsides too.

This is his face baked and roughly sandpapered.

If anyone wants to know how I made his head, raise a hand. It wasn't very hard and I got it right on first try.
No one? Well, I will probably give you all a tutorial later anyway. :)


  1. You are so talented! I would love a tutorial on a BJD! Yes please!!!! I dare not try it on my own for the fear or wasting my time and ending up with a mess, or nothing at all... therefore, I must say that I so envy your courage to give it a try... best of luck on all your projects and although it looks like you don't need any! I look forward to seeing your handsome boy finished XD


  2. Could you please share the tutorial? This head looks cute!