Monday, January 24, 2011

† Cosplay Planning: Ciel Phantomhive sneakpeek

I just got the wig today I am very very pleased with it! Made a really quick make up and put it on along with what I could find for my cosplay and this is what it looked like:

Also, I CAN'T SEE SHIT when I don't have my glasses on and an eyepatch DO NOT make it better. That is why I will have to wear lenses and if my budget says yes I will buy coloured lenses which I can see through.
I will be a blind Ciel if I don't.
So You be glad I even got to take these photos as I barely saw the camera XD! Thank God for my butler and my cane, otherwise I would probably just end up in a rabbit hole somewhere...


  1. Woooow O___O
    both you and Sebby kicks my ass when it comes to Kuro cosplay X'D My Alois wig makes my face looks even more ugly than usual .____."

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